Souichi Furusho - The Umbrella Man #SouchiFurusho #Art

The umbrella has become a symbol essential to my work. For me, the umbrella embodies the thoughts and dreams of people. This is a series of images using the umbrella as “a vehicle which carries a dream.
— Souichi Furusho

Souichi Furusho lives in Kumamoto-Japan and works as a graphic designer in the field of advertising media. Souichi's photography is "freedom & simple" which the artist approaches from different angles. Artist discovered iPhoneography on Facebook and Flickr a couple of years ago when purchasing an iphone. Souichi's art is now at exhibitions in Spain, The Netherlands and California along with iPhoneographers from various countries. Check out of of Souichi's work below. For more, follow the artist here: SOUCHI FURUSHO