Izziyana Suhaimi Art #Art

Fashion Illustrations with Embroidered Accessories by Singapore-based artist Izziyana Suhaimi focus on fashion accessories where scarves, hates and other clothing is depicted in thread.


Suhaimi says:

Embroidery for me is a quiet and still act, where each stitch represents a moment passed. The building of stitches then becomes a representation of time passing and the final work is like a physical manifestation of time – a time object. Each stitch is also a recording of the maker’s thoughts and emotions. I enjoy the duality of embroidery, in its movements of stabbing, cutting, covering, building, repairing, taking apart. Every stitch made seems to unfold a story and withhold it at the same time.

You can find latest updates on Izziyana Suhaimi on her instagram @izziyanasuhaimi