Gianni Versace was murdered by serial killer Andrew Cunanan on the front steps of the fashion designer's Miami Beach mansion in 1997. To this day tourist visit the home and stone steps of the famous mansion to take photos. That is until now. Luxury Hotel Villa Casa Casuarina is now open for tourists to book a stay at one of the rooms of the famous Gianni Versace mansion.

The three-story building was originally built as an apartment complex by Mayflower descendant and Standard Oil heir Alden Freeman in 1930

Versace turned the 24 apartments into 10 large suites in the original house

He lined the pool with 24-karat gold tiles

The Victor Hotels group paid $41.5 million for the property at a 2013 auction (Donald Trump reportedly put in a bid, too)

Reservations are required for dinner, but guests can walk into the bar for drinks

American Crime Story was filmed over the course of about a month at the hotel

A resident artist maintains the artwork that Versace commissioned for the property

They include this mosaic of Versace's signature Medusa head

The Villa Suite is the designer's former room

The hotel is on Ocean Drive, a few steps away from the Atlantic Ocean

The blue-and-cream-colored Azure Suite includes a king bed and two full-sized beds/sitting alcoves

Rates for a Superior Suite, like this one, start at $749 a night.