Great Secret Hideaway Once Owned by Pablo Escobar

One word...Incredible! Extravagant hotel that used to be a house. Not just a house, but one owned by Pablo Escobar.

New York -based Lio Malca bought and renovated this beach resort of Tulum, Casa Malca.
Lio, who deals works by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kaws, bought the property that once belonged to Pablo Escobar, the world's most powerful drug trafficker of 1980s and early '90s.
Escobar died  in 1993 and property was abandoned. Escobar's story is told in the current Netflix series Narcos.

After  Malca bought the mansion in 2012 he turned it into a five-star hotel. Casa Malca opened with nine bedrooms in 2014 and today includes 41 rooms and 3 restaurants.


When you travel to Tulum, leave all your pre- conceived notions of Mexico behind. As you pull to Casa Malca hotel, pretty much take of your shoes off and forget about them until it's time to leave.  Your experience starts when you approach sandy entrance to the hotel. Massive wooden wall with double doors and front court covered with Persian rugs greet you first. Wedding dresses serve as 20 foot hanging curtains on both sides, accompanied by couch and two sofa chairs in the form of a swing, held by massive chains. One of the major attractions of the resort. At dawn you see ladies all dressed up, trying to take that perfect photo with on that swing. 


Casa Malca is full of exclusive art pieces that makes it very unique, including Brian Donnelly's Kaws sculpture. Rooms are spacious, clean and decorated with art. Great roof top terrace where you can enjoy the views of the jungle and sea or take yoga class. 


Casa Malca restaurant caters to the health conscious , whether you want to start your morning with fresh green juice, gluten free breads, and fresh fruit or decadent pastries Casa Malca has you covered.

Outstanding service throughout the hotel and the most comfortable beach cabanas. The property lies at the end of a long road which has several fantastic restaurants, bars, and stores. So when you feel like exploring a bit you can borrow a bike from the property and explore.

Tulum is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula, known as the Riviera Maya. The area has become a trendy getaway destination in recent years and subsequently seen a boom in hotel development.
It's a different Mexico. The hipster town with perfect zen atmosphere for those who are looking to clean their chakras. 

Casa Malca has been Lio's personal property. He has meticulously restored it and passionately curated it’s phenomenal works of contemporary art from his personal collection.
No matter what your travel style is, eco-friendly and art inspired Casa Malca will prove to be a rare combination of unmatched luxury and ultimate privacy in an intimate seaside setting. It provides perfect & private accommodation for individuals, couples & families.