To predict the future consider what is trending now, but also ponder what is missing.

2018 Cash is Cryptocurrency


 What kind of unicorn is cryptocurrency? It is a global phenomenon known to most people today as the money of the future. They live online and are not backed by a government.

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. 

Cryptocurrency is among the big trends to watch in 2018. Right now we have about 1,200 different digital currency products out there and more being added every day. 


Artificial Intelligence

It's unlikely that  machines will rise up against the human in 2018, but it is likely that artificial intelligence will continue to get smarter and possibly take on new roles.

Driverless cars will likely be one of the first  functional AI which humans will  trust.

The Apple is working on the future and may soon be able to diagnose complex health problems before you even know to get tested for them. Apple's software could help self-driving cars avoid hitting pedestrians even in a blizzard. Augmented-reality glasses, for which Apple recently received a patent, could identify people it’s never seen before by reviewing your contacts and Facebook profile. 

Wearables: Taking Off?

Another trend that has long been on the cusp has been wearables. It began with Apple Watch. 2018 could be the year that wearable devices finally go mainstream  but to do so, they may need a redesign.

More workplaces will be either issuing wearables to their employees or making accommodations for wearables, for training, facility access and payment.  

Women's protective devices are ready to hit the market.  Women's Safety X Prize is about recognizing how these devices can be used to protect women against violence and harassment. The X Prize announced 21 entrants that will be competing to make the most impactful women's safety wearable, with a winner to be chosen by June 2018.

Amazon is ready to take the plunge into wearables. It is expected to unveil a pair of smartglasses that will house its Alexa voice assistant. The glasses will  use bone-conduction audio through the frame, meaning there's no need for earbuds, while the glasses will look just like a regular pair of specs. 

Swimming has been a bigger focus for wearable makers in 2017 and it will ramp up in the new year. Smart goggles would be top on the top list, like South Korean company Zwim, which launches its own pair next year.

Facial Recognition: The Best ID

Facial recognition technology could become far more widespread in 2018.





Sustainable Fashion


British designer Stella McCartney was speaking about  sustainable fashion and drew a connection between treating the planet well and updating the industry's old-fashioned — and incredibly wasteful, toxic and polluting — production methods.  Things like bacteria-produced dyes, lab grown leather, kelp-based textiles, synthetic Spyder silk , chemistry drive recycling are all the talks of 2018 fashion.