Chief futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that in 2045 technological development will reach the point which the world of human brain will not be able to perceive. And no matter how threatening these prospects sound, it's worth starting with a simple question - how many functions does one of your smartphones perform today? From the door key and purse to the alarm clock, player and library. It even touched the seemingly intangible sphere as human relations.

Yes, very soon we will be able to rate each other, match our DNA, VR our dates in order to save time, there will no longer be an uncomfortable pause thanks to lenses that will control our conversations and suggest a topic to discuss and most importantly we will be able to analyze behavior and gestures of the partner to understand what he or she experiences or feels at the moment.


People really want to find those who really like them. And the more reason to believe that they fit each other, the happier they are, "says Romain Betrand, founder of eHarmony.

On an intimate note, Japanese scientists talked about the creation of a new robot with embedded artificial intelligence. The uniqueness of the novelty lies in the fact that he is able to take the form of a man or a woman and have sex with the opposite or the same sex.

The robot can kiss, hug a girl or a guy, and in the process of development learns to "go downtown". The hands of the robot are made of a fabric shell, which is almost identical with the human. The developers clarified that even the sweat separates the robot from the pores. In addition, thanks to the improvement, he can do massage.

During sex, the size of the penis will depend on the reaction of a woman or a man. Scientists said that the development of the robot will take no more than a month, and during this period, a person can create a perfect sexual partner. The large-scale production of such robots will begin closer by 2020.