Top Social Influencers Help Airlines Brands Soar

The airline industry is really taking off. To stay competitive in this rapidly-growing industry, many of the world's best airline companies are now collaborating with top social influencers (i.e. Instagrammer, YouTubers, bloggers, and Snapchat stars) to create aspirational content aimed at reaching large, engaged audiences.

Why Airlines Rely On Top Social Influencers To Reach Audiences

As social media platforms and apps become a greater part of daily life, important purchasing decisions now base on recommendations from top social influencers. In fact, a recent study found that 82% of consumers were "highly likely" to follow the recommendations of an influencer.

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Because most airlines offer relatively the same services, cultivating a positive brand identity is one of the most effective ways that airlines can distinguish themselves from competitors. Partnering with top social influencers—especially those who espouse an aspirational lifestyle—can help airline brands forge an attractive corporate identity and drive consumer action when it comes time to book a family vacation, honeymoon, or weekend getaway.

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Did you know Alaska Airlines Launched #WeekendWanderer Campaign With 8 Top Social Influencers

To generate excitement about their routes to beautiful destinations, Alaska Airlines enlisted eight travel and adventure micro-influencers (including Zak ZeinertAlex BorsukJon Trend, Lauraand Nick ViscontiJovell RennieEmily Thomas, and Ryan Thayne) to document their trips to iconic locales on Instagram using the hashtag #WeekendWanderer. The Instagrammers have a combined social reach of 476K followers, making the influencer marketing campaign a powerful strategy for the mid-sized airline.