The Military Influence on Fashion

There is a lot that society can thank the military for and its contributions to fashion are among them. Soldiers returning home after a war carry more than battle scars. They bring home new styles which for the army were a necessity, but are part of runway and street style today. The military’s influence on fashion has been visible for decades. Clothes worn by troops are comfortable, functional and chic.

This 1960s Yves Saint Laurent “soldier chic” military-inspired pea coat was inspired by pea coats originally worn by members of the navy.


Lettterman jackets were quickly adapted by high school sports culture which were super popular in 60s and 70s.

How about classic flight jackets worn by Air Force pilots. Still is a favorite of many. Seen on fashionistas all around the world.

Nice pair of sunglasses to finish the look is part of almost every outfit. Aviators became THE pair of sunglasses to have. They allowed people to fly high -in style. Almost every brand we know release their version of it. Aviators were first worn by Air Force pilots and today are polularized by the likes of Tom Ford, Celine, Ray Ban and many other brands.

Camouflage was created so that soldiers would blend in with their environments, but in the fashion world, camouflage will make anyone stand out.

Sofia Richie Out In Adidas Fashion After Signing With The German

Infantry regiments of the US military were equipped with calf-high boots in the War of 1812. From the 1820s until before the American Civil War soldiers were issued ankle-high boots, which were made on straight lasts. There was no "left" or "right" boot; instead, they shaped themselves to the wearer's feet over time.

To Our Men and Women in Uniform…Past, Present and Future. God Bless You and Thank you!