Last Sunday  The Guardian reported that  Apple's sudden desire to get involved into media is no joke. Company is trying to establish a relationship with the media brand Condé Nast, which owns publications including The New Yorker and Vanity Fair: 

Rumors have even circulated that Apple is looking to buy parts or all of the troubled magazine publisher Condé Nast, a move that would further its push, initiated with the Apple Watch, to become a luxury fashion accessory, lifestyle and content brand.

Rumor followed after Apple bought Texture last month. Texture is a digital magazine subscription service that is partly owned by Condé.

 Condé Nast chief executive officer Bob Sauerberg was quick to shoot down the rumors on Monday, telling the New York Post simply, “We are not for sale.” Insiders estimate the ostensible sale price would hover between $1 billion and $2 billion.

We reached out to Apple's PR, but will they give us an answer we highly doubt.