Grace Kelly Cinematic Career

In 1956 Grace Kelly , the muse of Alfred Hitchcock became the Princess of Monaco. That marked the end of her film career. Royal couple Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly made fairytale memories which still exist today. Kelly met Prince Rainier III of Monaco at a photo shoot in 1955 when she was leading the American delegation to the Cannes Film Festival, and the two instantly hit it off. After she returned to the States, the actress and the prince corresponded until later that year when he came to the U.S. on a diplomatic tour. After spending three days with Kelly and her family, Prince Rainier proposed, and Kelly accepted.

With only five years of cinematic experience she stole the hearts of many. In 1955 Grace Kelly achieved an Oscar for Best Actress, several Golden Globe nominations and the title of Hollywood icon.

Alfred Hitchcock never gave up on trying to get Kelly to star in another one of his films. Hitchcock allegedly planned to use 1962's Marnieas Kelly's big comeback to the silver screen, and the princess agreed to take the part. In March 1962, Monaco's palace spokesman announced that Princess Grace would play the role and then give up acting altogether.