Steven Spielberg in Early Talks to Direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Ulysses S. Grant Biopic

Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio are in early talks to collaborate on a Ulysses S. Grant biopic at Lionsgate.

There is no comment from Lionsgate about Spielberg to direct. According to Variety The Grant project was set up last year at Lionsgate with DiCaprio and Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson producing a movie version of the Ron Chernow’s 2017 biography “Grant.”

Grant won two terms as President as a successor to Andrew Johnson and stabilized the economy along with attempting to remove the last vestiges of slavery, which included working to crush the Ku Klux Klan. David James Kelly is adapting the biography.

Spielberg directed DiCaprio in 2002’s “Catch Me if You Can.” In 2013 Spielberg received his eighth Oscar directing nomination for Civil War epic “Lincoln,” making Daniel Day-Lewis three time Academy Award winner for best actor.

DiCaprio’s is currently working on Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” about 1969 Manson Family murders.

The news about the Grant movie was first reported by Deadline.