Surrealistic images by Erik Johannson

Everyone is used to the idea that Photoshop is bad, and graphic editors are associated with a wide variety of blunders and frank deception. But in the case of Eric Johansson's work, things are different. He uses photoshop to create surrealistic images, for each of which he spends from one to two days to several months: choosing a place for shooting, photographing and digital processing. As a result, these are realistic surreal masterpieces.

According to Johansson, he does not capture the elusive moments, but fixes the ideas. Thanks to this, he manages to realize the ideas born of an unrestrained fantasy. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, he creates multi-layered photo art, bringing them to the most realistic and integral state. Thus, each image becomes a full-fledged picture with a far-off pointless plot. Some compare his work with hallucinations, others - with puzzles, and still others do not fully understand what is so special about him. In any case everyone can find something interesting and unusual for himself.

And it is not necessary to try to find the truth every time, trying to get to the bottom of it, it's enough just to give free rein to your own imagination, which will instantly put everything in its place ...