City of Angels: Smart Broadway

San Francisco, widely known for its fascinating art scene and rich cultural life, is not that prominent for its theater productions. Indeed, in comparison to other cultural centers like New York or London, SF offers a relatively modest selection of theaters. However, the city got its small locally grown pearls definitely worth your time and attention.

The San Francisco Playhouse is evidentialy one of them. Nestled on the second floor of the Kensington Park Hotel, the theater company has been shaping and promoting performing arts in the Bay Area for 13 years. Their latest and probably the most ambitious production, City of Angels, features eleven talented artists representing thirty-six characters on one smartly designed stage. Walking up the stairs of an intimate 199-seat theater you do not expect to see such an ingenious and sophisticated show. Impeccably staged, absolutely spectacular, City of Angels brings you the Broadway-level entertainment in a cozy setting of a local theater. Proximity to the stage involves you into the story, blurring the line between the audience and the performance. Captivating plot line, fun and witty lines, combined with an outstanding acting and solid vocals, will keep you engaged until the final song.This delightful theatrical treat is served on stage of SF Playhouse until September 17th.


SF Play House

450 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 677-9596