PHOTOGRAPHY Amaris Granado


STYLING  Olya Dzilikhova

HAIR: Keeva Clark

MUA: Kym Nicole Oubre

Garcelle Beauvais is our girl crush. Haitian-born beauty has starred in many TV shows and movies ranging from The Jamie Foxx Show and Coming to America. She immigrated to the United States at the age of seven with her mother and sisters, and has since charmed audiences with her dramatic and comedic abilities. She recently teamed up with Emmy-winning producer Lisa Wilson to launch their new multimedia production company Beauvais Wilson Productions and their very first project is ‘Lalo’s House’, a film bringing awareness to child trafficking in Haiti and around the world.

Upon her arrival to Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills  where we agreed to meet she had greeted us with a hug showing just why Garcelle is the kind of woman other women want to hang out with.

on Garcelle top  Mango , earrings  Lola Fenhirst

on Garcelle top Mango, earrings Lola Fenhirst

Juliet: What was is like growing up in Haiti? 

Garcelle: I left Haiti at the age of seven but my memories of living in Port-au-Prince, visiting my grandmother in St. Marc which is where I was born. I remember the beaches, I remember the candy, the food all those things make me happy inside.

Juliet: Lalo's House, the film you are starring in and producing, film that  brings attention to child trafficking . Why the connection with child trafficking? 

On Garcelle suit by  Mango . Boots by  Gucci.    Sunglasses:  Saint Laurent.

On Garcelle suit by Mango. Boots by Gucci.   Sunglasses: Saint Laurent.

Garcelle: When I met the director of Lalo's House, Kelley Kali she had been working on this movie for a while and witness some of the horrific things that happen in the movie in Haiti. Also my producing partner and I wanted to make a movie that would get people talking and bring awareness.

Juliet: What were some of the challenges filming this movie? 

Garcelle: Some of the challenges of making this movie is getting an American crew to Haiti to shoot, but one of the best things was being able to use some students from artist Institute, which is a university in Jacmel that help Haitian young adults learn about film making.

Juliet: What was it like going back to Haiti ? 

Garcelle: Going back to Haiti is always nostalgic for me. I have great memories of growing up there and it was the first time I took my kids so they got to see where I’m from and what I’ve talked about in the past, so it was really a wonderful experience.

Juliet: Tell us about character you play?

Garcelle: I play sister Francine who  runs an orphanage. In the movie she starts off nice, but turns out she is very evil.

Juliet: What was it like playing that character? 

Garcelle: It’s always fun playing a character that is so different from you, so to play somebody so evil and mean would’ve been a lot more fun if the subject matter wasn't so dark. Once while rehearsing  I had to leave the set because I got so emotional knowing what we were doing really happens in real life to kids.

Juliet: What message do you hope to deliver through the film? 

Garcelle: Well sex trafficking is becoming more and more prevalent in our world. I want people to know that it’s not only Haiti, it’s happening in their own communities, it’s happening everywhere and we have to keep our eyes open and we have to keep spreading the word and keep kids safe!

Juliet: Your career in the entertainment business began from modeling? What do you recall from early days? What do you think changed in modeling since then? 

Garcelle: Yes, I started my career at the age of 17 with Ford models. I actually lived with Eileen Ford when I first got to New York. It was an amazing adventure that I look back on and can’t  believe. I had an amazing experience. And  travel to the places that I got to see.
I think what's changed in the modeling business now is it’s not just models that are on the covers of magazines or in fashion editorials today, it’s becoming more of TV stars and movie stars so that’s changed a lot. It’s also great to see the plus size models being featured and fashion designers are making larger sizes that I think is revolutionary and necessary.

Juliet: How do you feel about new runway models such as Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Kendall Jenner?

Garcelle: I think those girls are beautiful and really making their mark in the fashion industry but I also wonder if their  parents weren't famous would they be such big deals so quickly.

Juliet: Who is your favorite model today and why?

Garcelle: Naomi Campbell is still my all time favorite because she’s such a bad ass.Ashley Graham is cool, Winnie Harlow is brave and cool as well.

Juliet: Who is your ultimate icon? and why? 

Garcelle: I don’t have one ultimate icon because I think there are so many amazing women out there making a difference but if I had to choose oneMichelle Obama would be it.

Juliet: You have three precious sons. How do you balance work and motherhood? 

Garcelle:Well my older son Oliver is older and out of the house and my two little ones keep me busy like any working mom try to prioritize and be organized so everything gets done. And wine at the end of the night helps as well.

Juliet: How do you define love? 

Garcelle: Great question I define love by trust, loyalty, kindness, honesty, someone who has your back who’s there for you and doesn’t break your heart.

Juliet : Let's talk a little bit of fashion. Any designers you love? 

Garcelle: Boy do I have a list?! I am not a brand whore, (laughing), so it doesn’t always have to be high-end. I do love the high-end brands like Gucci, Celine, Diane von Furstenberg ,Versace, but I also love Zara, Target, J.Crew

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova. Boots GUCCI.

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova. Boots GUCCI.

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova.

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova.

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova

On Garcelle dress by Olya Dzilikhova

Juliet: How do you feel about street style today? 

Garcelle: Street style to me is all about your personality and for me it’s like deciding what character I’m going to be for the day.  Do I want to be edgy or  girly or bohemian or do I just want to wear jeans and a T-shirt and great jewelry.

Juliet: Do you follow any blogger? If yes, who is your favorite? 

Garcelle: Veronica's Blushing is a fun fashion site. Karen Blanchard the perfect mix between UK charm and NY edge.

Juliet: How do you feel about the whole female movement today? 

Garcelle: I am so happy for the female movement that’s going on right now all of the world. I think we are finally coming together and supporting one another and not being pitted against each other. We are raising our voices, we are roaring and we are finally being validated for having the power that we have.

Juliet: I love and adore you ever since  The Jamie Foxx show, can we expect a reboot soon?

Garcelle: I would love to do a reboot of the Jamie Foxx show. It was so much fun. It was a great time in my life. I’m not sure if Oscar winner Jamie Foxx wants to do a reboot, but I would sign on the dotted line immediately.

Juliet: What is next for Garcelle? 

Garcelle: Up next for me I hope is finding the man of my dreams my soulmate (laughing) but also continuing to be creative as an actress as well as producing projects and getting to change the narrative of what I want to see out there and hopefully seeing my kids thrive and continue to be happy and grow into amazing young man.

On Garcelle dress by  KAMPERETT

On Garcelle dress by KAMPERETT