The Talk With Agnes Azria

PHOTOGRAPHY Lauri Levenfeld

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Our current obsession and your soon-to-be favorite singer, songwriter Agnes Azria, is a twenty year old from Los Angeles. She comes from a family of well-known American fashion designers Max and Lubov Azria.
Although Agnes grew up in a 60-room mansion called la Maison du Soleil that Azrias decorated, she is a very down-to-earth, free spirited child who is inspired by soulful and powerful blend of jazz. To know her is to love her.
We got to chat with Agnes during her appearance in San Francisco. 

Juliet: Do you write your own songs? 

Agnes: Yes and I am starting to produce as well!

Juliet:  Can you describe the first time you wrote a song?

Agnes: I was in a garden and I think I was around 8 years old, I was daydreaming of being on stage while wandering around on the grass. I started signing something like, "If I have made up rock and roll, or if I was the first person to write a song.." and kept repeating the same couple of lines. Soon after I started talking singing lessons. 

Juliet: What's your everyday like? 
Agnes: Everyday I have a goal or list of things I want to achieve that day. And I work towards those goals in my studio or at home. 

Juliet: What do you do outside of music? 

Agnes: I am a big fan of The Handmaid's Tale, a TV show on Hulu.

Juliet: How do you feel about fashion? 

Agnes: Fashion is a way to express your identity. Whatever you wear is a representation of yourself and sometimes your mentality whether you try or not. It can give insight to others about who you are by first glance. But of course that means it's up for interpretation, so fashion doesn't always speak the truth or define your entire identity, if anything its like a magnetic shield, that attracts and retracts people.

Juliet: What's your style like? 
Agnes: I like baggy clothes. Big pants and a t-shirt.

Juliet: Who is your favorite designer?

Agnes: I usually buy vintage clothes but my favorite designer is my mother (Lubov Azria

Juliet: Who is your favorite singer? 
Agnes: Bilal

Juliet: Who is your inspiration? 

Agnes: Right now it's Louise Bourgeois!

Juliet: What is next for Agnes? 

Agnes:  An ep under my name and another under my band! I notify about all my release mainly on instsgram a week before its dropped! So stay updated by following @agnastyy

    To learn more about behind the scenes story of Agnes Azria,  visit The Project For Women.