Manolo Blahnik has become a household name thanks to the brand's endorsement on the popular series "Sex & The City." Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, is obsessed with her Manolo Blahnik collection and let's face it...we don't blame her! The high end shoe brand has a flare of elegance and glamour every woman desires. Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing George Malkemus - the President behind this powerful worldwide brand. George arrived to Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco and chatted with us . The shoe lovers had the opportunity to meet and speak with George later about the latest designs and colors for the season. Guests enjoyed the champagne, hors d'oeuvre and a little music while shopping around the shoe salon for their favorite new pair of heels.

Photo by  Amaris Granado  for Joliegazette

Photo by Amaris Granado for Joliegazette

Joliegazette: Tell us a little bit about Hangisi shoes by Manolo Blahnik ?

George: Hangisi was designed by Manolo with costume designer Patricia Field for the movie "Sex and the City". Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was personally involved, as she is involved with everything.

Joliegazette: So Hangisi shoes were designed specifically for the movie? George: Yes. Sarah Jessica Parker said it should be something blue, not pale blue, not baby blue, strong blue. They already knew that it was going to be in the apartment that Mr.Big had bought for her. They knew it was going to be in the closet, however Sarah Jessica did not know it was going to be in the closet. It was designed for the movie and still is a number one selling shoe.

Joliegazette: What does Hangisi mean?

George: Hangisi mean The Goddess in translation from Turkish. Joliegazette: Those shoes is The Goddess!

Photo by  Amaris Granado  for Joliegazette

Photo by Amaris Granado for Joliegazette

Joliegazette: Let's talk about crème de la crème of the dairy world. You've opened an Arethusa Dairy farm and now leading a highly successful cow breeding operation? George: Yes, it’s a great farm with milk like it used to taste.

Joliegazette: Do you find any similarities between fashion and farm?

George: When we first bought Manolo Blahnik, no one even knew how to pronounce Manolo Blahnik; it was a risk. To me life is about risk, but more importantly I think that you have to have a passion for what you do, and this is really all about passion.

Joliegazette: Is Manolo Balhnik planning to collaborate with anyone else, like he did with the movie "Sex and the city" ? George: Last year Manolo did a project with Rihanna. Right now he is in works with Vetements. He did a collection for Vetements last season.

Joliegazette: That's right. He took the beloved Hangisi silhouette, and then reimagined the style with a deconstructed interpretation.

George: Yes. It wasn't something outrageous. It is something that Manolho was doing for years and years and years. I mean who knows? Manolo finds collaborations useful and inspiring, so he loves when they come along and if he likes the idea he does it.

Photo by  Amaris Granado  for Joliegazette

Photo by Amaris Granado for Joliegazette

Joliegazette: What is Manolo Blahnik like?

George: He is incredibly intelligent, he is so observant about everything. He is passionate like me. He loves enthusiastic people. He can't stand mundane, boring people. He has to be enthused, exhilarated all the time.

Photography: Amaris Granado Text: Juliet Belkin