When we met Camren Bicondova in New York, she's all business, arriving in a long-sleeved white suit and black sandals. Underneath that professional look, is a fresh-faced, flamboyant young star with bright future. Bicondova is best known for her role as young Selina Kyle / Catwoman on the Fox television series Gotham. We scheduled to meet around 2pm. She is on a tight schedule for Gotham Mad city Season 3 press. Once Camren gets moving , she is in action. She shares about her busy schedule, her love for dance, her role in Gotham and fashion.

Photo by   Amaris Granado  for Joliegazette

Photo by Amaris Granado for Joliegazette

Joliegazette: What were you like as a child?

Camren: As a child, I was very shy and timid. Music and dance really brought me out of my shell because with dance, I could express how I was feeling without having to say anything, which was perfect for me.

Joliegazette: Do you remember what sparked your interest in dance?

Camren: My mom and her friend took me to watch the show Movin’ Out when I was 6 or 7. It was all Billy Joel music and it was choreographed by Twyla Tharp and there was no singing or dialogue that came from the cast—they were just dancing. The fact that I could understand what was going on and how the characters were feeling without them saying anything, fascinated me.

Photo by   Amaris Granado     Styled by     @julietbelkin   Bag by   Ag by Anoesjska

Photo by Amaris Granado Styled by @julietbelkin Bag by Ag by Anoesjska

Joliegazette: What do you like most about dancing?

Camren: The fact that you can speak your mind and express your feelings without saying a single word. I’ve always been more of an introvert and until I started acting, I wasn’t one to speak my mind. Dance is a very therapeutic outlet, like acting is. So, to me, acting and dancing are very similar in that aspect.

Joliegazette: At what point did you transition from dancer to an actress?
Camren: I started training in acting when I was 12. I needed a change, honestly. I had always wanted to try acting, so I did. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do now, though. I’m definitely continuing with acting for my career.

Joliegazette: You becoming the first ever actress to portray the younger version of “Catwoman”, the role of Selina Kyle on Fox's Gotham. Can you talk about the time you auditioned for the role?

Camren: I think in total, the process was two weeks? Or maybe it just felt like that. I went in about 5 times, the fifth being the final audition, and I had a feeling that this was it. I mean, I had been training and auditioning for two years straight before I even auditioned for Selina! This role is truly a special one for me.

Joliegazette: How did you go about deciding how to play Selina Kyle in ‘Gotham’?

Camren: The breakdown described a 14 year old girl who was a defensive orphan and street-thief. So, I just used that as a guideline!

Photo by   Amaris Granado   Styled by  @ andrewgelwicks

Photo by Amaris Granado Styled by @andrewgelwicks

Joliegazette: What kind of roles do you want to do in the future?

Camren: My dream role is definitely a boy. Any kind of boy, but definitely a boy. In an action or drama. I love doing comedy as well, but my dream role would be a boy in an action or drama.

Joliegazette: Any favorite directors you'd like to work with?

Camren: I’ve always admired the cinematography and artistry in Martin Scorsese’s films, and I love the simplicity behind Angelina Jolie’s work. So, as far as directors I’d like to work with in the future? Those two people, for sure. Eventually, though, I think it would be cool to direct my own film. I’ve always enjoyed being behind the camera as much as being in front of it.

Joliegazette: Who is your role model?

Camren: Tupac once said that he wanted to be a “real model” rather than a “role model” because people see this figure in a role model instead of a human being who makes mistakes and goes through life. So, I’d say that two of my many real models are my parents. They’ve shown me what a kind, independent, and strong person is supposed to be.

Photo by Amaris Granado  for Joliegazette. Styled by @julietbelkin Jacket: Intermix. Shoes: YSL. Bag by Ag by Anoesjska.

Joliegazette: How do you feel about fashion and style today?

Camren: I love how fashion goes in cycles, personally. I love how the 70s are back in style, and a little bit of the 80s, a little bit of the 90s… I’m a personal fan of anything 90s, so I’m particularly happy that, that era’s fashion is back in style.

Joliegazette: Describe your personal style.

Camren: I describe my style as "funky conservative,” because I love the clean and simple lines in a classic look, but I also love patterns and colors.

Joliegazette: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers today?

Camren: It’s hard for me to choose just one designer because I love seeing the different perspectives and aspects of the art form.

Joliegazette: What is next for you?

Camren: As of right now, I’m just focusing on graduating high school and continuing with Gotham!

Camren earned a Saturn Award nomination for "Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series" for Season 1. In September 2015, she was listed in Variety's annual Youth Impact Report, as an artist who "represents the next wave of Hollywood savvy and talent".


Photos by Amaris Granado
Text by Juliet Belkin