The Talk with Zanna Rassi

When it comes to Fashion , Marie Claire's Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi is chic, savvy and super-cool . Zanna is one of the most influential women in fashion today.  She appears often as a corresponded for red carpet events,  a mentor for Project Runway, stylist behind Target and mama of adorable twins Rumi and Juno. But that is not all. Her latest work includes the recent release of Milk Makeup, incredible 85-piece cosmetics and skin care collection which Zanna worked on with Milk's co-founder Mazdack Rassi (Zanna's spouse) and Georgie Greville, the creative director of Milk's in-house production company and Dianna Ruth, the brand's COO and product developer. We have an exclusive interview with Zanna in which she shares her style favorites and the exciting skin care product on the market. 


Juliet: How did you start your journey with fashion?

Zanna: As an intern at Marie Claire UK.

Juliet: What drives you?

Zanna: The buzz I get from doing a great job. Positive people.

Juliet: How would your describe your personal style?

Zanna: Tom - girl!

Juliet: What are some of your favorite trends right now?

Zanna: 90's Streetwear ( Bomber jackets with everything) and Lingerie inspired looks (especially Celine!!)

Juliet: #1 Style Icon?

Zanna: My mum - Chic to the core. Very stylish lady. My gran, who made couture wedding dresses. My grandpa who is a buyer for Harrods.
Juliet: Talk about your Golden Globes dress choice.

Zanna: Valentino Resort. TV required something poppy in color or interesting in shape. This was both. I felt like a princess. Thank you Mona and Ali (from Valentino!!)

Juliet: Let's talk about your newest baby, the debut of Milk Makeup. Tell me how did you start your journey with Makeup?

Zanna: I was a beauty editor in the UK at Marie Claire for 6 years! Rassi and I had talked about makeup for a long time but it wasn't until Georgie - our co-founder, pin pointed this 'girl" who existed not only at Milk, but everywhere. We researched and recognized the cultural shift that has given rise to this new breed of girl.

Juliet: Who is the Milk Girl?

Zanna: The MILK GIRL is ambitious, lives life to the full and wants to express herself. We started to build a line for her needs ( quick, modern, playful) with our brilliant COO, Dianna Ruth. It's been a three year process.

Juliet: What is unique about Milk Makeup?

Zanna: It is paraben free, non-toxic, top quality, ultra modern, impactful, accessable, quick, streamlined.... I don't know anything like it!

Juliet: What is your personal favorite item from Milk Collection?

Zanna: Matte Bronzer in Baked. A chubby stick that I use to chisel out some cheekbones!! And as a quick tanner all over my body. It contains mango and avocado and glides on. It's the smartest, no fuss way to get that glowing look!

Juliet: New York Fashion Week is almost here. What brands you look forward to viewing ?

Zanna: All the shows for MADE are great. Alex Wang - I love the theater of his shows, you never know what to expect. Marchesa! They are so talented and happen to be my dearest friends. Proenza and I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham's collections and the elegant show she has every year.

Juliet: What will you be up to this Spring?

Zanna: Post Oscars I will be taking a minute with my girls Rumi and Juno and hubby. Hoping to do a family few days in Palm Springs. I work with Target and we have some fun imitates coming up.

Juliet: Rassi's best success and career tips.

Zanna: Positive. Hardworking. Don't sweat the small things. Surround yourself with smart people. NICE.

The 85-piece collection (prices range from $12 to $48) includes on-the-go items like lip stains, mascara that’s pigmented with charcoal and sapphire dust, eye markers, waterproof lash stain, and shadow liners, which are vegan and free of parabens. Colors come in fun names that stick to themes, like job type (Working Girl, Model/DJ, VP Moonlighter) or beer (Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Dark Brew). Available at Sephora and Milk Makeup.


To learn more about behind the scenes story of Zanna Roberts Rassi,  visit The Project For Women.