The Talk with Nordstrom SPACE buyer, Raul Becerra

Photos by  Lauri Levenfeld

Photos by Lauri Levenfeld

Designers today are up against more competition than ever and it is easy to miss an amazing, unique and fun designer from the crowd of many. If you are willing to give emerging designers a chance (we recommend that you do) then Nordstrom's SPACE boutique is the place to go. They've got the best selection.

Raul Becerra is a buyer at SPACE Boutique @ Nordstrom and his job involves a true mix of the creative and the practical.  Together with Nordstrom's Director of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim, Raul is looking for emerging and advanced brands that are getting industry buzz and brings them to Nordstrom. SPACE carries Ellery, Paskal, Shrimps, Mira Mikati, Rosetta Getty, Simone Rocha, Isa Arfen  among others.
We met with Raul at Nordstrom San Francisco store during SPACE opening party and asked about his personal favorite designers and his work for the most exciting boutique.
J: Describe your current role

RB: In my opinion, I am buying for one of the most exciting boutiques within a major U.S retail company – SPACE @ NORDSTROM  

J:  What is the selection process like for the designers you’ve chosen to feature at SPACE?

RB: It was a labor of love and respect .  Olivia and I wanted to bring in collections that we personally love and collections that are recognized within the industry;  We brought in established collections that are difficult to find, like Tricot comme des garcons, and collections that we are really excited about, like VETEMENTS, Faustine Steinmetz and KOCHE.
J: Who is the most exciting designer for you at SPACE right now?

J: From a retail standpoint, what do you see as the chief influence on customers today? Is it celebrity? Is it street style?

RB: It is a combination of the two
J: More personally, what are your own favorite brands right now?

RB: Personally, I love Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons and Undercover

Raul Becerra and Juliet Belkin

Raul Becerra and Juliet Belkin

J: any must haves for spring?

RB: Anything oversized !
J: Can fashion really save the world?

RB: Fashion brings us all together, sort of like a universal unspoken language /  respected art form.  Thatsaid…… kinda : )
J: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

RB: Perfection does not equal success  ; Done is better than perfect

J:  Love it! What is your advice to designers trying to make it big in the fashion world.
RB: Stay humble

Raul Becerra at Nordstrom San Francisco store. Photo by  Lauri Levenfeld

Raul Becerra at Nordstrom San Francisco store. Photo by Lauri Levenfeld