The Talk with Lubov Azria

Photo by  Lauri Levenfeld

She is a perfect model of the modern woman: wife, mother, entrepreneur, visionary and muse. Chief creative officer of the BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP Lubov Azria is the busiest working mom of six and wife of Max Azria.
Lubov leads the design team and oversees a number of other departments including marketing, merchandising and visuals as the Chief Creative Officer of the global fashion house.
Under her lead the BCBGMAXAZRIA brand has become one of America's leading design houses.
While in San Francisco, we caught up with Lubov to talk about how she balances work, family and motherhood and her opinion on fashion today.

Juliet: Before fashion you were a ballerina Why did you choose to switch to fashion?

Lubov: In the Ukraine, you did not pick you vocation - instead it was picked for you. I was picked to be a ballerina. I love dancing and still do but at some point, I realized that instead of the dancing, I really enjoyed the costume part much more. So I spent a lot of time in the back rooms with the sewers and the costumers. When I moved to the U.S., I actually thought I wanted to become an art history professor. But one thing led to another and I found myself studying design, and I really enjoyed the process –- the creativity, the freedom.

Juliet: You’re the Chief Creative Officer of the BCBG Max Azria Group,  wife (to the company’s CEO), and a mother to six children (3 daughters and 3 step children). How do you balance it all!

Lubov: Balance is key to a career woman and mother like myself.  I’m constantly working and on the go, so every chance I get, I want to spend time with my family. Also, I understand how precious time is, so each moment that I’m with my family, I want it be meaningful. We can’t be defined as one role. We all wear so many hats in a given moment. It’s about understanding and where your time is best spent. For me, I need time for my family, my work, myself. I want to constantly be better in all those areas. Most importantly, I know that they all affect each other, so sustaining a balance between all is key. I also think it’s very important to adopt a routine that keeps your body healthy and happy. For me, that’s vegan food, a good nutritionist, spring water, workout, repeat.

Photo by  Lauri Levenfeld

Juliet: How do you divide work between yourself and your husband Max Azria?

Lubov: The reason Max and I make a good team is because we each bring different strengths to the table. Max is global and sees the big picture I am detailed oriented. The secret to a good working dynamic is to combine opposite strengths.

Juliet: What is a secret to success of BCBG in your opinion?

Lubov: Passion, dedication and hard work. Striving every day to find ways to do what we do better. 

Photo by  Lauri Levenfeld

Juliet: What is your favorite trend this season? 

Lubov: Off duty lifestyle-the idea of infusing fashion with a quirky whimsical elements combined with the realization that you can and should have fun with it!

Juliet: What inspires you?

Lubov: The endless possibilities that each day holds.

Juliet: Your thoughts about street style?

Lubov: Street style is always an interesting barometer of what is happening in fashion and truly focuses on individualism. What works and does not work for you. What you love... 

Juliet: What do you think of latest fashion changes?

Lubov: The industry and how it caters to the consumer changes faster and faster each season as it becomes more and more focusedon here and now and instant gratification and the ability for the consumer to shop and order what they want NOW… I have always embraced change and I am excited for what the future holds

Juliet: What is next for Lubov Azria?

Lubov: I love what I do, and our mission of inspiring woman to be inspirational. It is truly amazing to be able to make woman look and feel beautiful and I want to continue to grow our brand to offer a true lifestyle collection for the BCBG woman and outfit her for all the aspects of her life.


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