The Talk with Fashion designer Laura O'Dell of The ODells #ODells

Among many shops that stretch through Silver Lake part of the Sunset Boulevard stands a stylish gem by the name of Bucks & Does. It is owned by power couple Laura and Jason O'Dell. The boutique features an "eclectic mix" of designers and charming, Porridge and The ODells lines. If you ever shopped at Anthropologie, you may have seen comfy and stylish basics from Laura O'Dell's Porridge. The store’s pride and joy is Laura and Jason’s label, The ODells. The ODells is the epitome of California cool and today we chat with the designer, Laura about her work and her personal style.

JB: Tell us a little about how Bucks and Does was born?

On Juliet Floral Clementine Capsule jumpsuit by  O'DELL , hat by  LOVELY BIRD . On Laura,  O'Dell multi-colored dress .  Image by  Lauri Levenfeld   

On Juliet Floral Clementine Capsule jumpsuit by O'DELL, hat by LOVELY BIRD. On Laura, O'Dell multi-colored dress.  Image by Lauri Levenfeld  

LS: When we decided that our location was just  too killer to only put a studio/work place in Jason and I determined that we would open a small retail shop.  We toyed around with the idea of opening an O'Dell's store however I'm such a big fan of denim and shoes and jewelry and everything else so we came to the conclusion that Silver Lake really needed a great down-to-earth boutique that had a good  mix of both men's and women's because oftentimes Jason and I shop together and he never likes being dragged into a store that has nothing for him.

JB: What is the DNA of your brand?

LS: The O'Dells is very chic in a casual way.  I love the concept of dress up/dress down.  Almost every style in my line can be worn with sneakers OR heels which is so essential in my mind.  I'm a busy mom so being able to go from day to night is really key for me.  I love looking polished and sleek in a sloppy sort of way.  I'm a big fan of wearing vintage Levi's with bad-ass jewelry and a white tee or an amazing wacky O'Dells silk printed tunic.  My line Porridge is whimsical and flirty.  When I want to lunch with my girlfriends or take my son to soccer nothing beats throwing on a Porridge cotton printed maxi and sandals and calling it a day.

On Laura sweater by  CALLAHAN ,  MOTHERDENIM  jeans, shoes by  NINA Z .  On Juliet,  TYSA  jumper,  LOVELY BIRD  hat and  GUCCI  loafers. Fringe bag by  HARTFORDPARISIAN  . Image by  Lauri Levenfeld.

On Laura sweater by CALLAHAN, MOTHERDENIM jeans, shoes by NINA Z.  On Juliet, TYSA jumper, LOVELY BIRD hat and GUCCI loafers. Fringe bag by HARTFORDPARISIAN . Image by Lauri Levenfeld.


JB: Biggest design influence? 

LS: Vintage but mostly vintage from the 1970's.  I've been a lover of bell bottoms since I came out of the womb.  I also love native American culture and colors but really all cultures.  When I went to India a few years back my mind was blown by all the beauty and creativity.  
Do you follow fashion week ?

JB: Do you follow fashion week?

Image by  Lauri Levenfeld   

Image by Lauri Levenfeld  

LS: Ha, No, not at all actually and I'm really glad you asked that :-).  The fashion industry is funny and oftentimes I'm in conversation with another designer or a store and they reference something from the runway and I'm like "say, what?".  I have no clue what's going on in the world of fashion and I'm cool with that.  I design what I want to wear in my given moment and what I'm dreaming of wearing 6 months from now.  

JB: Any favorite details from SS 2016?

LS: Ikats and colorful dobbies.  I'm obsessed right now with yarn-dyed cottons and hand-loomed fabric.

JB: What three words would you use to describe the ultimate O'Dells girl and Porrige?

LS: Confident, carefree, sexy-tomboy for O'Dells girl. Rugged-gentleman, laid-back, no-nonsense for Bucks & Does boy

JB: Which celebrity muse would you collaborate with to wear your designs?

LS: Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller or Kate Moss (duh) would be pretty cool

JB: What is your personal style? 

LS: Very laid back in a chic way.  I'm a big fan of 18k gold jewelry and love to layer it.  I'm also pretty simple in my approach to dressing.  You don't need to try to hard to look cool.  I'm not a fan of the whole mid-calf skirt with oversized sweater look worn with sneakers and no make-up.  I hope I'm not offending anyone by saying this.  I went to Catholic high school for 4 years and this is how the nuns dressed.  I'm surprised fashion has somehow made this look seem "cool".  In then end I think a woman likes to feel sexy even if she's a tomboy which I am. Confidence is sexy too.

JB: How much does your personal style influence your work as a designer?

LS: It's everything especially considering I don't pay much attention to what's going on in the world of runway designers.

JB: What designers do you love / wear?

LS: Mother Denim is a staple for me.  I also love Pepin, Rachel Comey and Cali-Dreaming makes the best swimsuits in the world.

JB: What is next for Bucks and Does?

LS: Possibly an expansion (once we outgrow our current studio which is inevitable), possibly another location and continuing to expand our own-brand offerings under the B&D Silverlake label.  We're currently making some exclusives for the store which are mainly tee's for men and women at the moment but we're expanding on this concept and developing more awesome basics like bras/undies as well as cozy sweatshirts and button up's for men.



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