The Talk with Garance Dore

If you appreciate the art of fashion, then without a doubt you are following Garance Doré's blog and you probably read her essays, follow her illustrations and photographs. San Francisco was lucky to welcome the CFDA Award-winning blogger at the Club Monaco store,  who was visiting to promote her memoir, "Love X Style X Life". 
In her memoir, Doré takes us deeper into her life and writes about her childhood in Corsica and her first time sitting front row at the fashion week . She shares her opinions on work, love, fashion and beauty. Memoir is accompanied by Doré's amazing illustrations and inspirational photos. In person, Doré  is just as open, fun and super chic.
I got to chat with Garance about her new book and her unique style.



Juliet: Congratulations on the release of your book Love Style Life. What is the message you as an author want to share with the reader in Love Style Life? 

Garance: Thank you ! I wanted to share what I’ve learned with an honest voice, showing the glamorous side as well as the most imperfect parts, which are always the most interesting. How to be a modern, wholesome woman ? That’s my take on it.

Juliet: What or who was the inspiration behind your book?

Garance: It’s been the things I learned making my blog and becoming a woman. The concept of the book took me a while to come up with, because there is no other book like it - I didn’t have a model!

Juliet: No one has mastered Style quiet like you. You have a very simple, yet elegant approach every time. What is your secret?

Garance: That’s very nice of you, trust me I have a lot of off days! If I have one secret, it is to always remember to be myself. Working in fashion you can be pushed in many directions and lose your identity - and make the worst fashion faux pas - that will be photographed too… ;). When this happens, at fashion week for example where the pressure to be shiny and colorful it at it’s most, I really try to tell myself everyday to just trust and be myself. Also, fashion faux pas is not the end of the world. I always try to remember that.

Juliet: The Fall item you are coveting

Garance: A Coach white coat I just bought. I love it!

Life Style Life  makes a perfect holiday gift. Get your copy today.

Life Style Life makes a perfect holiday gift. Get your copy today.

Juliet: What is one of Garance's style strategies? 

Garance: Good hair saves everything.

Juliet: Why did you choose to partner with Club Monaco?

Garance: I love the brand and their point of view. Everything is done with care and I actually wear a lot of their clothes. It seemed very natural, and even more since their stores are beautiful. Their NYC store on 5th avenue is one I always recommend to people visiting. With its café and library, it’s such a great place.

Juliet: Top 5 favorite Club Monaco pieces this season.

Garance: A camel coat, A pair of leather trousers that are amazing, a pair of silk pants that are so chic, a soft pink chunky sweater, and one of their men's shirts I have been wearing non stop.

Juliet: What is your advice to Fashion bloggers today?

Garance: Everything needs to be reinvented ! Don’t repeat, find your own thing. Even if you think only 3 people will be interested - you might be surprised. That’s the best advice I can give.
Be real, be yourself. Have fun. 

Juliet: What is next for Garance Dore?

Garance: A lot, but it’s too early to talk about it !!!

We are certainly waiting in an anticipation!



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