The Talk with designer Julie Paskal of Paskal #PASKAL

Photo: Anton Yeremenko

Photo: Anton Yeremenko

The flourishing name in fashion is Julie Paskal, whom I stumbled upon while browsing my favorite retail store in San Francisco, Nordstroms.   PASKAL label has been introduced to the international crowds in Paris and noted by the Vogue and Financial Times after winning LVMH Prize. 

Julie Paskal creates garments with high quality fabric, using creative laser-cutting and precision tailoring and is known for minimalism. A unique combination of architecture and fashion comes from Julie's background.  She entered architectural department and three years later fell in love with visual images and concept creation. PASKAL is in a number of the best fashion magazines today.
I've got an opportunity to speak to Julie Paskal of PASKAL label.

J: What started your interest in Fashion?

JP: When I was studying architecture I thought about how some of the techniques, shapes or different architectural areas could be involved in something more casual and practical. And then I came up with fashion or creating clothes at first. I was surprised how flexible this creative field is. Fabric is more sensual than marble for example. For me it is important to keep special intimacy during creating.

Photo:   Lauri Levenfeld       Model Mila Givens                                                                                  

Photo:  Lauri Levenfeld     
Model Mila Givens

J:  How do you connect your background in architecture and fashion designs?

JP: Architecture not only gave me notion about lines, shapes and structure, but it was a starting point for me to become a fashion designer. As I was saying architectural materials was too solid and complex for me, but if I wasn’t trying to work with it I have never started to work with fabric. So in this attempts I realized that I want to start doing fashion design.

J: You were discovered only after two years. Can you share how it all happened?

JP: The turning point on the way to international scene became my participation in LVMH Prize. PASKAL was short-listed among designers that already had much attention. Then Sarah Andelman decided to present PASKAL in iconic concept-store Colette. At the same time I was discovered by Selene Collins who is my international agent. She turned out to be very supportive and passionate about PASKAL and together we brought new kind of attention to the brand.

J: What is the DNA of your brand?

JP: Laser-cut technique is obviously the most distinctive feature of PASKAL. We were first who started to use it in Ukraine. At first in the form of simple perforation and every season I complicate this method. But every time it helps me to bring new type of romanceto the collection, to make garments lighter, bring some kind of naivety and femininity.

J: Where do you find your inspiration?

JP: Sea is a blueprint of my collections and certainly my biggest inspiration. When I go to the sea I am soothing and relaxing. It helps me to wash off all negative feelings and bring new creative energy. Despite this the mechanism is still quite mathematical. First I capture the object, then process it in my head, then draw some sketches and after that I make real sketch of the garment.  

J: Do you follow trends?

JP: Not really. But it is hard to not follow some trends in modern world, because producers of fabrics dictate their rules in a special way. So when I choose fabric I follow some trends anyway. But when I start to create collection, draw sketches I don’t try to make something hot & trendy. I just follow my inner feelings about how collection must look in the end. Anyway I still understand that modern culture is around me and I absorb it one way or another. Just imagine if every artist or designer don’t follow global trends. In that case there would not have been cultural characteristics of the epoch.  


Photo:   Lauri Levenfeld       Model Mila Givens    

Photo:  Lauri Levenfeld     
Model Mila Givens

J:  You are a mom of two precious kids. How do you combine motherhood and work?

JP: There are no specific combinations. My kids are the biggest source of energy that nourishes me and I have strength to create. In general family is my greatest support which directs me.

J: What is that one thing you can share with aspiring fashion designers?

JP: To be honest with yourself. To listen to advices, but have your own strong opinion. Don’t allow market too push you. To separate your own desires from brand’s development strategy.  

J: What is next for Pascal clothes?

JP: Spring / Summer 2016 collection is all about beach culture, naked body, spirit of you and love!


Photos Lauri Levenfeld                                                                                     
Model Mila Givens