The Talk with iconic Jeweler to Stars Loree Rodkin

I'd like to start by sayinghow incredibly lucky and honoredI amto have an opportunity to open up"The Talk" section with an interview of the world famous jewelry designer and a witty personality I admire so much, Loree Rodkin.
She has had three immensely successful careers. Starting with designing the homes of celebrities, ALICE COOPER, ROD STEWART amongst other rock stars, then becoming a talent manager and launching the careers of young unknowns —BRAD PITT, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. and SARAH JESSICA PARKER to name just a few. Finally landing her first client ELIZABETH TAYLOR for her jewelry collection. Today her clientele includes singers MADONNA, STEVEN TYLER, ELTON JOHN, CHER and many others. Loree Rodkin designed FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA’s inaugural jewelry. Her pieces now reside in SMITHSONIAN’S permanent collection.
Need I say more?

Photo  Loree Rodkin

Photo  Loree Rodkin

J:  How did you start your jewelry line?

Photo Loree Rodkin

Photo Loree Rodkin

LR: I started making jewelry when I was managing the careers of people like Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker and others. It was a hobby that kept me sane when my actors were misbehaving (like Robert Downey). Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter in law saw something I designed for myself and hired me to design jewelry for Elizabeth’s birthday. Elizabeth became by first client.

J:  The famous Loree Rodkin “bondage ring” any inspiration behind it?

LR: I collected medieval Gothic furniture and had a suit of armor that I was obsessed with the movement on. I made the ring for myself; I was a rock chick and there was no jewelry like this on the market.  I made myself an articulated bondage ring and everyone had asked if I broke a finger. This became the most iconic piece of jewelry in the last 20 years.

J: I know that you have a huge celebrity clientele. How did it feel to have one of the Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Elisabeth Taylor wear your jewelry?

Photo Loree Rodkin

Photo Loree Rodkin

LR: Its beyond exciting and something larger than I could ever dream of. Really, Elizabeth was just a girl that loved jewelry and would come to my house in her pajamas and shop. It was always a pinch me moment.

J:  What is it like to work with Madonna?

LR: She’s cool. I’ve known her since she started and she’s always been so supportive. We are both rock chicks (except I only sing in a mirror). She went on the radio once and said only thing she wanted for birthday was my jewelry! It doesn’t get any better than that.

J:  You were a talent agent to Brad Pitt before your jewelry line skyrocketed, did you always know he’ll make It big in the show business?

LR: I was Brad’s manager….He walked in the door and I said who is that. Whenever I had that feeling, they went on to become stars.

J:  How would you describe your style?

LR: Fashion forward with a twist. Modern meets medieval.

 J: Do you have favorite clothing designers?  

Photo Loree Rodkin

Photo Loree Rodkin

LR: Rick Owens, Isabel Marant and edgy Chanel.

J:  How do you feel about fashion bloggers?

LR: I think fashion bloggers make the world go around. I love that people have a fashion point of view.

J:  What advice do you have for beginners in the industry of fashion?

LR: Follow your passion and have no fear. The worst thing is you fail; so what…. Failure is only a stepping stone to NEXT.

Truly an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you for your time to speaking withus.

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by Juliet Belkin