The Talk with Dry Bar Founder Alli Webb

I met with Alli Webb during filming of her documentary for ABC, about a girl who runs a $50 million empire.  She is a mother-of-two who was recently named one of Fortunes's 40 Under 40 and who worked in public relations before starting Drybar. Drybar has more than 2,000 stylists in 37 stores across the United States. I was lucky enough to ask the Founder ofDrybar, Alli Webb a few questions.


J: Hi Alli. What gave you an idea opening a bar for hair blowouts? How did the Drybar started?

A: Ever since I was a little girl, I had my mom blow out my curly hair. During my high school and college years I did everyone else's hair. When I visited salons, I tried to remember what they did and come home and try it on myself. It took me hours to do. Then my first job as a receptionist in a hair salon, one of the perks was that they blew out my hair for free. In Florida, where I grew up, the humidity and my curly hair were always at odds. And when I got married and had kids, I still had friends wanting blowouts, then their friends wanted blowouts. I started making house calls to clients all over Los Angeles. More people wanted them. So I risked it and opened Drybar.

J: Brilliant. Oh and I can so relate to you on humidity and curly hair.

A: Love your hair. I wanted to get a bob for a while now. I think I am going to do it.

J: Thank you. I am a long time client and what I love about Dry Bar is a soothing gray and white décor. The lighting, TV and girl movies that I just love watching while sipping on my coffee and having my hair styled. Everything that a girl needs. How did you come up with that?


A: Our architect, Josh Heitler, was a good friend of my brother's. He's an award-winning Harvard graduate who has done crazy million-dollar homes, the W Hotel in Las Vegas, and cultural centers around the world. He is the designer. We tried to stay really focused on the overall experience and make sure we are constantly maintaining our very high standards of both amazing customer service and fantastic blowouts.

J: What is next for Drybar? Are you planning to expand your services?

A: The latest addition to the Drybaris a product line, hairdryer and rollers, shampoos and conditioners.

J: Love your dry shampoo by the way.

I didn't want to disturb Alli as the crew for ABC was waiting. But I am happy I got to speak to one of the successful women today. I thanked Alli for her time and headed out with my beautifully styled hair. Did you book your appointment with Dry Bar yet?