Silicon Valley A.I.

The new shiny thing for Silicon Valley today centers on artificial intelligence and robots and it does not require a "like" buton.

As much as human kind avoids accepting the fact is computers are starting to speak, listen, see, do, move. The world is changing.

The shift was evident as you enter Stanford shopping center. Standing at 5 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds, Knightscope K5 looks like it came straight out of the sci-fi film Stars Wars. But the crime-fighting robot is actually a new breed of security guards roaming Silicon Valley.

Or this Bossa Nova Robotics silently glides through the aisles using computer vision to automatically perform a task that humans have done manually for centuries. It move out of the way of shoppers and avoids unexpected obstacles in the aisles, alertss people to its presence with soft birdsong chirps. Gliding down the middle of an aisle at a leisurely pace, it can recognize bar codes on shelves, and it uses a laser to detect which items are out of stock.

Not to forget and mention this Boston Dynamics creation by the name of SpotMini ( mini version of the Spot robot) designed by the company.

Financiers and entrepreneurs from Silicon Vallery are digging into artificial intelligence with remarkable exuberance. Without noticing, we are entering the Star Wars Era. Let's just hope that this new technology works with us and not against.