We are going through a tremendous turnaround from humans being kind of asleep to being awake. Our generation is super lucky to be here, to explore the unknown. Fashion business is embracing technology today. Does Pebble steel design the best smart watch? Can Nike make its fuel band even sportier? Will Google Glass ever look normal? While everyone is concentrating on consumer electronics world, the Fashion industry is stepping in. Jackets and pants that alert you when you forgot something from designer Asher Lavine who works with likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. 3D printed shoes, that yes, you can actually walk in from Continuum Shoes. Some are more subtle, like Ministry of Suppy classic wear. Its special fabric acts like a battery, absorbing and releasing hit depending on the environment, but looks and feels just like your favorite dress shirt. Technology here is a toolbox from which the ideas can arise. Designers now, can experiement and produce these, faster and cheaper. Some of the ideas that we once saw only in Science fiction are now starting to become a reality. The line dividing tech and fashion is rapidly blurring. Form vs function was the question, but today the questions is why not both?

Studio XO is a laboratory in London where science meets style and where the boundaries of wearable tech are tested. Their inventions were called by various music artists like Lady Gaga, Fergie.

Their studio is filled with 3D printers and sewing machines, the artistry is there, but for XO it's all about making science fiction science fact. Nancy Tilbury is one of the pioneers in merging fashion and technology. Together with her team she works hard to develop digital couture experience. In other terms, interacting and evolving garmets. Her ultimate goal is to bring these ideas and concepts to the streets. As a first step they are creating extravagant gowns for the likes of Lady Gaga and Black Eyed peas.

Studio XO created this performance art dress which Lady Gaga wore for the party after the performance and as she was leaving, Studio XO dress animated release of bubbles.

I am always interested in solution driven. I am very happy that I am old enough that I danced at Studio 54 and young enough to join digital revolution. I love everything that is digital. I sleep with my iPad. I know a lot of people in technology, had great opportunity to show google glass in public thanks to my good friend Sergei Brin. For me it’s important to stay feminine, practical, effortless, sexy and on-the-go.
— Diane Von Furstenberg

The bar has been raised when it comes to technology and design; engineering is no longer enough to create real market desire. But luxury and technology need to develop a new language, and new understanding if they are going to change perception and purchasing behavior on a global scale.