CODAME ART + TECH is a San Francisco based company whose projects and nonprofit events inspire through experience. With the support of like-minded partners they bring innovative, independent, and creative spirit of CODAME around the world. Last night CODAME hosted Artificial Experiences event at the iconic convergence of San Francisco’s Union Square, SoMa and Financial Districts, Hotel Zetta. Number of artist were sharing their creations. Here are a few to note.

Inverse Dollhouse by Dustin Freeman who has built several low- and high-level technologies for immersive experiences. His doctoral work was Improv Remix - a Kinect interface for improv performers to create video mashups on the fly. At Microsoft Research, he did interaction design for Kinect Fusion. Most recently, he worked at Occipital on the scripting system and components of their Bridge Mixed Reality platform.

Deep Dream Vision by Gary Boodhoo who combines videogames, machine learning and interface design to rediscover ancient images — spirit animals. Born in Jamaica, his relocation to the United States provided a crash course in how to construct mythology out of the 1980's. Then computers happened and then Dungeons and Dragons happened. Today he designs and bleeds user interfaces for videogames including The Sims and The Elder Scrolls Online. His work examines roleplaying and transformation in digital environments. He lives in San Francisco and develops humane experiences with game studios and other creative clients.

Elaine Miu Cheung works at the intersection of art, design, computing and technology. Originally from Los Angeles, she explores themes relating to our embodiment of tech, future systems, and experiential interactions. As a Chinese-American, she bridges ideologies from Eastern and Western perspectives and practices which feeds into her most recent work on the nature on consciousness through wearable technologies.

CODAME enables companies to collaborate with a diverse community of artists making and hacking in a range of media—from projection mapping, motion sensors and wearable technologies to robotics, data visualization and MIDI controllers.

They build immersive, engaging, out of the ordinary experiences by: Playing together with artists, coders, designers, game developers, creators, performers and musicians.