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A healthy lifestyle is NOT society’s standards, body shaming, fads or quick fixes. It’s NOT about hating exercise, hating food or hating yourself. Hating yourself sucks and it’s bad for you.

Meet Sophie Gray! She is an RHN Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Personal and a President and CEO of WayofGray.  “Way of Gray’s programs offer tools and resources to start a positive conversation with your body. Food is not the enemy and exercise should be fun. It’s time to be proud of yourself and love yourself", says Sophie.

If you are looking for a killer workout, delicious recipe, or a pick me up, WayofGray has you covered with programs featuring full-length exercise videos and nutritional guides with 7-day meal plans.

The premise of WayofGray is simple: cut through the gray areas of health and wellness and make healthy living sustainable for everyone. I know how badly you want to see results without having to spend long hours in the gym, and I understand the confusion you feel when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be eating. 

WayofGray started as a simple Instagram page focused on self-development, but it has quickly grown into a community where like-minded health enthusiasts can reach common ground.
We got to ask Sophie a few questions.

J: How did you get started with healthy eating and fitness?

SG: I first took an interest in working out and eating well when I wanted to professional model. Luckily for me, my high school had a full time personal trainer in the gym and by spending time with him, I was swayed away from modeling and took an interest in healthy living - beyond my physical appearance. Upon graduating I took a personal training course and went to college for nutrition! During all of that I started Way of Gray and wanted to inspire others to take an interest in healthy living because they care about themselves, not because they want to simply look a certain away!

 J: What is the number one thing that keeps you motivated?

 SG: I want to be happy and healthy – and for me, eating well and exercising is how I can do that. When I eat clean and workout I notice a huge improvement in my mood, and for me, that is all the motivation I need! I always recommend people take note of the benefits of this way of living away from weight loss. There are so many benefits to reap – and happiness is the most motivating one!

 J: What is your training routine like, and what does it involve?

 SG: I work out 4 times a week for around 30 to 45 minutes. I do all body weight exercises and do workouts that focus on my full body! My programs found on feature the exact workouts I do!

 J: What are some of the other writers, artists, models and fitness leaders that have inspired you?Is there a key diet or training tips that you adhere to?

 SG: I am truly inspired by any celebrity, models, and fitness leaders who promote and encourage self-love beyond ones physical appearance – and ones who talk about real topics. Individuals like Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl on Instagram) Cameron Diaz, and Gigi Hadid.

 J: What’s a day-in-the-life for Sophie Gray like? Give us a run-down of how you eat, train and move on a regular day.

 SG: I wake up each morning, cuddle my pup for 10 minutes, blend up my favorite smoothie (the recipe can be found here: RECIPE then head to the gym. After that I get a day of work in, then my man and I walk our pups, make a healthy dinner and then watch a movie! My schedule isn’t anything special – and to be honest, my life doesn’t revolve around exercise or food, and that’s exactly what Way of Gray is about. I don’t want to turn anyone into gym rats or the cleanest eaters. I simply want to inspire them to make time for exercise and to eat an abundance of whole foods! 

 J: You seem really confident in your body—what advice do you have for women who want that for themselves?

SG: Happiness isn’t depending on your waist or the size of your jeans. I think a lot of the time women believe that in order to be happy, they have to look a certain way. But that’s not the case at all! You can be happy now – and then you can allow that happiness, and appreciation for how wonderful life is to inspire you to improve your health. The Way of Gray lifestyle is about adopting a healthy lifestyle because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself!

Sophie also has her sights set on YouTube with a series health and wellness clips that take a “real girl” approach to one’s well-being.  Offering THREE brand new clips each week, Sophie makes it clear   

And check out a preview of her eBook here:

Way of Gray’s programs offer tools and resources to start a positive conversation with your body. Food is not the enemy and exercise should be fun. It’s time to be proud of yourself. Love yourself.  


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