Unruly curls

Model to blame is a twenty-two year old Argentinian, Mika Arganaraz. 
Mika is a tall brunette with a shoulder-length curly hair. 
" When I first came to Paris , everyone said that I should get rid of the mess on 
the head and straighten my hair , - she says . And I was sure that my hair is what 
made me unique, so I asked a friend who was a barber to cut my hair shorter so it 
curls even more.
Mickey's desire was a life-changing. That same season she booked all the major shows 
from Louis Vuitton to Dior, then starred in Prada and Chanel advertising. 

Thanks to Mika, curly girl became the most desired on runways. And this summer it 
is officially a curl boom.
Curly, voluminous hair was in style in the eighties. Youngsters 
imitated Madonna's hair from the music video "Like a Virgin", more mature women all 
looked like the heroine of the "Dynasty" series with Joan Collins.

Nowadays there are plenty of products to help curl straight hair.
Use hair curlers, boomerangs and the secret is to grab a thin strand of hair. And if 
you want them to last longer, apply mousse before curling.