Beauty Tips from Cindy Crawford

From food she simply can't survive without to instructions for creating luxurious curls to favorite morning smoothie. Cindy Crawford in her fifties looks amazing. Here are five beauty secrets from super model of the 90!

Cardio, walking, sit-ups - stick to the diversity in the daily workouts

I like fashionable yoga and jogging, but the old yoga technique works better. It was taught by my trainer Radu, with whom I worked on a cycle of video-based aerobics. Now I have another coach who I work with three times a week at home. With him we do press, we squat, thrust and weight and step. After the birth of children and recently, before heading out on a tour with my book, I slow down a bit. But now, on the contrary increased intensity cardio and interval training. I also enjoy walking in the hills and ride a bike on weekends.

Start the day with a wholesome smoothie

Every morning I make myself a smoothie: in a blender whip spinach, half a banana, raw cocoa beans and fresh mint with almond milk and protein powder. It's delicious and filling.

Relax, meditate and visit sauna

Recently, our family took a course of fundamentals of meditation. I don't do it regularly, but it was very interesting to evaluate its beneficial effects on yourself. This new relaxation technique works every time whenever I need to. My favorite relaxing ritual is an infrared sauna: half an hour in it with a good book and I am a completely different person.

Sunscreen - Always!

Since age 30 I use my own makeup line(Cindy Crawford has its own line of cosmetics called Meaningful Beauty). Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh constantly updates and improves it. I am also a fan of microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin), this procedure is performed by the greatest Hollywood beautician Cristina Radu. For me, good UV protection is very important. My skin is quite easy to tan, I always grab the first available sunscreen. I do not go to the beach without a hat and glasses.

Combine business with pleasure - take care of hair during sleep and during exercise

I like to do several things at once because good care takes time and every minute counts. For example, if I know that I would wash my hair after school, before put on the hair mask. More recently discovered Lush mask with jasmine and henna, I advise everyone!

Unfortunately, my hair is not as thick as before. Constant change of hairstyles and colors seriously harm them for years. I try not to wash my hair every day, and less often use a hair dryer. If I go to bed with a bun of damp hair they dry up in the morning and the waves are pretty as a nice bonus. The secret is to tie a bundle without a hair tie, instead I use a hair clip.