Summer Beauty Trend: Minimalism

It’s no secret that this year in fashion has been chalk-full of ornamentation; however, there was one trend that went against the norm and I’m happy to say it popped up just in time for summer. This trend is the minimalist make-up look. The runways were filled with models sporting very mild tans, glowing complexions, and practically no make-up… or so it seems. Granted, it may take some time to master the finesse that is required to pull-off the no make-up look (ironic, I know), but when you do, it will save you time, money, and the fear of getting raccoon eyes on those sweltering summer afternoons. So slap on that sunscreen, sprinkle on some foundation, maybe throw on a hat while you’re at it and get ready for a summer full of (practically) make-up free bliss.

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