Customize any product in your beauty regimen with Cover FX!

Pure pigments are concentrated doses of color, add those to your makeup routine and you have options. Whether you’re using MAC Pigments, or Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops pigment makeup is multi-functional and a must-have for anyone’s makeup bag. Cover FX offers something different though, these drops of pure pigment can be mixed with moisturizer, primer, even foundation to create the perfect match to your skin. Every drop provides more coverage, until you can use this pigmented color as full-coverage foundation.


Here’s the even better news: this makeup doesn’t contain Parabens. It doesn’t contain Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances, and it doesn’t contain GMOs. In fact, Cover FX claims that they formulate this pigment with non-comedogenic products, meaning their products are formulated so that you don’t break out; specifically, they do not strip your skin of it’s natural moisture by breaking down your skin’s natural oils in order to work it’s magic.  


Cover FX’s Flash Fusion Technology is what turns your favorite skin care product into your new favorite makeup. The best part about these pigments are that you can mix them to make a color that matches you, meaning that if the 25 colors Cover FX offers don’t match you perfectly, adding them into moisturizer or your powder foundation can make this pigment suit you perfectly. Cover FX’s website also offers a Shade Finder, meaning that if you do not have a Cover FX makeup bar near you there are still options for finding your match.  


This pigment is the real deal. You can mix it with anything liquid, it doesn’t contain parabens or GMOs, and it will give you the coverage you want with just an extra drop. This makeup is groundbreaking, and worth the trip to the makeup counter for.


Text by Katrina Elizabeth Duran