Je Suis Daria Shkolnikova

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Occupation: stylist (fashion & personal), fashion-consultant
Instagram: @dash2dasha

Where were you born?
Moscow, Russia

Where do you live now?

I am currently back to Moscow after Canada & USA. "Living out of a suitcase" turned into a lifestyle, so it won't be a surprise if I'll move somewhere again. 

In one sentence what is unique about my work?

Showing the best of a person's individuality through the clothing. That's why fashion feature stories for any media are my favorites. 

Why do you do what you do?

I always had 2 passions: the art of photography and clothes. Styling became kind of a binder thread between these two, so I enjoy every work moment: from putting the clothes on a person to seeing how it all looks on a camera. Personal styling brings as much joy: getting feedback with words "I'm a different person now!" is priceless. 

What inspires you?

Traveling, art and history. Life, in general, does inspire me a lot: I just love being outside and watch things, trends and, of course, people.

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Describe your personal style?

As my close friend once said, "You wear masculine-cut clothes, but in a feminine way. And always with a vintage twist." It was a 100% hit! For me, it's all about right fit, good fabrics and muted tones mostly.

Your ultimate Must-Have.

Good sleep, productive mood and fully charged phone. Also my black baker boy cap that became my signature :)


What super power would you have & why?

Time traveling because time is so precious. Just imagine how many things could be done twice faster and how many people we could see more often.

What is next for you? 

A very important project I am working on…obviously related to clothes! Stay tuned.