Je Suis Anya Kuznetsova

Occupation: Beauty & Bridal

Instagram: @a.k.bridal

Where were you born?
Ukraine, Oddessa

Where do you live now?
The Lovely N.Y.C

In one sentence what is unique
about my work?

I decided to specialize in Bridal,
there's nothing more rewarding to
me then the love of being committed
to pushing the limits of what hair
& makeup can do in the service of
making a person look & feel their
most beautiful at one of the most
important days of their life.

Why do you do what you do?
Its my passion to help make
everything & everyone around me
beautiful. Whats done with love
is done well.

What inspires you?
Everyday life.

Describe your personal style?
I learned that it takes time to
define your own style.
However it is well worth the effort
. I love to mix high & low,
vintage & rare finds I also believe
that it doesn't have to cost a
lot of money to be stylish.
Sometimes when im in doubt,
I think about one of my favorite
icons whose personal style I
respect, that would be
Miroslava Duma. Always clean,
sharp & chic.

Your ultimate Must-Have.
Flawless Hair & Makeup, clean nail
Perfume,Carnal Flower By Fredrick
Giorgio Armani eyes to kill
Charlotte Tilbury Blush,
First Love
Faith & Balance with
everything in my life.

What super power would you have &

My Super Power would be to heal
people & reverse any illness. The
hardest thing is evolving & seeing
the people you care most about
stuck with a terrible illness or
mental limitations.

What is next for you?
Its a surprise.