The real guide to dressing for NYE

6 ways to stand out this holiday season. 

PASTELS. Traditionally, pastels have been a spring color. However, white is so popular this winter, it's sister colors come along with it. Try wearing a simple powder pink dress accessorized with a white fur coat for that perfect "winter princess" feel. Other great pastels are pale blue, soft lilac, and baby green.

IRIDESCENT. This is perfect for those of you who still want to sparkle on New Years, but want to stand apart from all the girls in gold sequin mini dresses. An iridescent dress or romper is the way to go! You will definitely turn heads with this look. 


AVOID TYPICAL MINI DRESSES. Let's face it, we all wear a tiny dress on NYE. Want to be different? Try high waisted flare pants paired with a cropped shirt, a midi length dress, or High waisted shorts with some sparkle transparent tights. For those super confident ladies, don't forget how sexy a leotard can be! Pair a long sleeve leotard with thigh high boots and a floor length coat to be the ultimate show stopper. 













AVOID BLACK/SEQUINS. This is the hardest by far, because traditionally these both scream NYE, and are beyond flattering. However, the chances of you looking the same as every other woman in the room are about 90%. Step out of your comfort zone this season! 


UNIQUE HAIR & MAKEUP. Try two top buns and the new "glitter roots" trend, or make your outfit pop with white lipstick! The possibilities in this category are literally endless.


As always, be confident in yourself and your outfit. It doesn't matter what you're wearing, your confidence is what makes or breaks you! 

Text: Avery Banton