It's super easy to run to your closet and put on a few pieces, but sometimes it's difficult to make an outfit out of clothes. Have no fear, we've all been there. Here are 5 simple steps to make sure you look put together. 


Flatter Your Body

Just because something is in style doesn't mean it necessarily shows off your best assets. Don't take this the wrong way, you could totally pull off anything with some lipstick and confidence, but at the same time why not pick something that shows off your best features? Focus on what you're most comfortable letting the world see and go from there. 


Make it YOU

The #1 mistake made when picking out an outfit is not making sure it matches your personality. This is ESPECIALLY true if you're shopping for a special event! Fashion is the best way to show off who you are; make sure it reflects who you are on the inside as well.



Accessories make or break an outfit, truly. This doesn't always mean match your earrings to your necklace, which matches your shoes and bracelets exactly....no. Try something new. Grab some unique sunglasses, a cool hat, and a silky patterned scarf to tie around your neck. Add a red lip and suddenly you're leaving your house looking like the next IT girl. 


Make it Flow


Everything about your outfit should flow people. Look at the clothes you picked out and give them a title. Edgy, chic, classic, sophisticated, punk rock...whatever it be- STICK TO THE THEME. If your dress screams timeless then your accessories, hair, and makeup should too.


The best for last, truly. This isn't me trying to empower you and remind you that you're beautiful. You know you are! This is about how you can physically see when someone doesn't have faith in their outfit. Own it! Be confident in and trust your style. The way you carry yourself in an outfit determines 99% of how it looks. Confidence is physically visible!

by Avery Banton