London. Hats. Portobello.

To say that I love London is a slight understatement, and definitely not a secret. I adore London, I love its mysterious streets with mixtures of powerful skyscrapers and little pink or blue houses. I love the way  people dress, speak, look and think in Britain. I have been living in London for the past three years and the city has cardinally changed me. One of the fashion changes I experienced while living in London is learning to wear hats. I 'd like to talk about Hats! Yes, hats: big, small, bright or not, textured, plain, branded, vintage, you name it.

My first ever hat purchase happened at Portobello market in London. A lovely blue hat which made me feel simply confident and beautiful. I put it on right away and felt so stylish and edgy. Ever since then I can safely be called a "Hatcoholic" (did I just make this up? :) . I wear them almost every day. I match them with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, swimsuits and even the evening dresses. Why not?

A few days ago I came to my office in Moscow right on the corner of Tverskaya street. As soon as I walked inside, our PR Director saw me. "Oh my God, I love your hat! ", she said. "I have so many hats but I do not really know how to wear them so I never put them on", she continued.

For someone like me, a "hatcoholic",  it was unusual to hear. Don't put too much thought to wearing a hat. Mix hats with every single type of clothing just like i do it.  Don't be surprised if one day you'll see me wearing a glamorous hat in a combination with a sport suit :). Don't be afraid experimenting. Be yourself! Express your inner world through mixing textures, colors, styles and yes, Hats!

Now go back to my FIRST DATE suggestions? Remember that simple tee and jeans look with Valentino heels and LV bag? Now, you can get rid off the last two and put a hat on. Your tee and jeans look will again look modern, stylish and trendy and this time thanks to the Hat!

Text by Sirana Petrosian