Winter Fashion Guide | Bloggers Edition.

by Karina Kurani

2017 is coming to an end, unbelivable but true. Here are our winter style suggestions inspired by european bloggers and influencers.


Creamy color tones are perfect to wear in the winter! A simple and elegant dress is good for both a casual and formal outing. Also notice the sparkling bohemiman detail on the dress. This instantly gives it a more festive feel, a plain dress would be better worn in an office setting. The fur coat on top compiments the dress, oh and let's not forget about the bag : nice touch!




We all want to be extra comfrotable and wear something cosy in the winter. That's why knitted sweaters become our best friends! Knitted cardigans and sweaters are a must have in your winter wardrope. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but also pleasing and fashionable. And if you want to stand out : add an accessory, such as this hat right here. Effortlessly fashionable.



Never thought a cardigan, a dress and sneakers would go well together? But they do! The earth colored long dress is a match made in fashion heaven with this this cold toned grey cardigan! Comfortable footwear was one of the trends of this passing year and we can see how it's the right choice. 



With the holidays coming we can't avoid a little bit of bold colors. Red, was one of the hit colors this year. With this look, the cute red hat certainly gives the outfit some attitude and festivevess. It also happens to cleverly match the color of detail on the jeans. 



 A cosy baby blue sweater paired with the jeans and topped by the grey winter coat. All of the colors shown here are winter themed and it's a sure statemant that you are ready to dive in right into winter. The pieces chosen for this outfit work together to create a simple yet enchanting look.