The Fall Lip

With every fashion season that arrives comes an array of beauty trends that will be plucked from the runway for mainstream consumption. While there will be common trends seen in a number of shows, some designers will decide to go in the opposite direction aesthetically. This makes for a multitude of looks. We will deconstruct the major trends for lips that you will want to take part in for Fall 2016.

The Gothic Vamp



How dark can you go? This seemed to be the question at several Fall ‘16 shows. Vampy hues ran the gamut from a rich burgundy to a fun purple to the deepest noir. Finishes ranged from glossy to matte.

The Softest Blush



Perhaps a response to the contouring and matte lip craze is to go in a completely different direction. Many runways featured a soft blushy-nude lip which read sweet, simple and pretty.

Classic Red

From a more subtle red lip to a full-on glittery display, classic red lips, which have never fully gone away, are highlighted more than ever this season.

A Bright Pop of Color

Along with fun color on eyelids, the neon hues extended to lips. Think bright pinks and oranges. Pow!

Text Alex Szoenyi