by Karina Kurani

2017 is coming to an end. So let's recap our favorite trends of the passing year.The inspiration of this article is the style of a beautful German singer of turkish origin - Bahar Kizil

There were a lot of unexpected fashion twists and turns this year. One of the biggest surprises this year was mix of hard textures and dark tones with classic blush chic peaces. This trend is totally gives that " punk glam" vibe and it's great for a casual outing as well as a night out on the town. Something you thought would not normally go together, surpringly makes a great outfit!


A true fashionista will make anything work! Spikes and lasses added that extra " umph " to our outfits this year. This looks goes perfectly with the slik long straight hair, which was the hairstyle trend of the year. 



The year started out calmly  with blush pink tones and pastels. Pink was definatly one of the colors that was hot this year. From bubble gum to rose - we just could not get enough of it. Pink just screams " girly " so for all of  girly girls out there probably loved this trend.
As we approached summer we saw a lot of bright colors, such as red and yellow.


Green was certainly the favorite for many. That is probably why miiltary prints were in too.  Again, this color is not something you would normally wear on a daily bases, but when chosen an appropriate tone, it looks fabulous and unique.



Stripes everywhere! in all colors and sizes! All the clothing stores were swamped with striped items. Sweaters, blouses, pants, you name it. This fashion trend is a fun way to spice up your look. 
Another print that made an inpact this year is the floral print. This trend works well with bright colors such as yellow and red. You definitely had to be bold and get out of your comfort zone with this one. Bright outfits with floral prints were this summer's trend. 



"Comfort comes first" - was the motto for footwear this year. This is why even the runway models ditched the high heels and wore sneakers and flats. It's no secret that sneakers are the footwear for the casual/sporty outfit
but sneakers can also work wonderfully with the right dresses and skirts! This is a trend our feet our probably thanking us for. 



Denim has made a comeback in 2017. Who doesn't love denim? This is why it keeps coming back. Denim is the perfect trend of casual looks. It looks equally stunning in both light and dark colors.

Ruffles and oversized sleeves occured often on the pages of vogue and the runway. Both of those details give the peace something extra without being overbearing.

This year's fashion was definatly brave and bold. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. All of the trends have pushed us to explore and try something new. It will be interesting to see which trends stay and which ones will change. We'll be sure to keep you updated.