5 Tips to Dress like a French Girl

1. Develop the "less is more" motto. One of the most beautiful things about Parisian women is the way they look effortlessly chic.  The focus has always been less on the outfits, and more on the way the girl is wearing them. 












2. Romanticize your wardrobe. Paris is indeed the city of love, and nearly every woman in the city dresses to reflect this theme. Keep in mind: a romantic outfit doesn't necessarily mean girly! 












3. Take serious inspiration from couture. (This includes menswear as well!) With couture week just passing, this should be easier than usual! Notice themes in the top designers and make them fit your personality! Remember inspiration is not replica. 












4. Have your signature piece. Whether it's your shoes, sunglasses, trench coat, or scarf, every woman needs a signature item! This is something that is specifically unique to the French culture; it brings a sense of classiness every outfit you pair your piece with! 










5. Neutrals are your new BFF. Neutrals are (thankfully) becoming more and more popular in the states, but the theme originated from that European "simplistically glamorous" style. Don't be afraid of a pop of color, but you truly can not go wrong with a neutral palette.