There are 3 substyles of the trend Athleisure. Sportive elements of clothing are seen in different fashion styles such as casual, business, evening dressing and etc. in all fashion brands. It has definitely been noticed that people are becoming more and more obsessed with sport and everything that somehow relates to it.

Lacoste-F_W_16_17 sport.jpg

To be sporty means to be trendy. Sport is not something that concerns only to those who train professionally, but also to those who are educated and simply aware of what is going on in life and society. You do not have to go to gym, or jogging, or cycling to be related to that new lifestyle which is called ‘Athleisure’ (atheltic + leisure). It is obvious that athleisure has influenced fashion industry, which gives a great opportunity to look sportive and trendy despite you do not really do sport. So, nowadays, in my opinion, there are three directions in fashion clothing, which have appeared as a result of athleisure lifestyle: sport, sport-glam and sport-comfort.


Sport is an obvious sporty style however you can not wear that clothes to the gym. The details of the Sport style are in quilted fabric, obvious sporty elements (such as patches,numbers, sporty lines, straps). The key look for that style is a jumpsuit with a front zip and straps (it is a prototype of a professional ski suit) in a combination with oversize knitted sweater. Such look can be finished with massive ski/snowboard sunglasses.


Sport glam is a combination of sporty lines (like Adidas) with a silk night dress. The main details of that style are focused on the femininity, which can be perfectly matched with the elements of Sport. The key details are sequins, lace, silk, fringe, velvet. Key looks: A-line quilted skirt and leggings with Adidas white lines; the second look is a night rail over the sportive t-shirt and trousers.


Sport casual is a classic example of those people who do not really ever do sport, but want to be trendy. So they combine slightly similar to a sport style elements, silhouettes and fabrics with a calm comfort casual style. Sport-comfort is for the everyday life and is about going to Starbucks in pajamas. You slightly feel the smell of sport but it is not the obvious Adidas white lines. The key elements of that comfort style are knits, massive buttons(espevially from wood), fur and calm gentle caramel color palette. The key look is beige knitted culottes in a combination with oversize knitted sweater. In my opinion, the key and base item for the athleisure fashion assortment are Joggers. You can see them in all discussed styles and can be made from completely different fabrics (cotton, silk, velvet, quilted fabric and etc.). Nowadays, joggers can be worn not only with a sportive t-shirt, but also with a classic silk blouse or top. Such feminine look can be finished with elegant high-heels.