Wedding Guest-Best Dressed

It’s wedding season! That means countless wedding invites and countless wedding dress codes. How will you look flawless at each vastly different occasion? Don’t worry. We’ve got style advise from A casual outdoor wedding to a white tie.


 A brightly colored flowing maxi dress is perfect attire for weddings outside! Opt for a dress with slits to make dancing a breeze.












A loose fitting cocktail dress is great for a semi-formal wedding.  The statement necklace will add a special element, but the looseness keeps it classy and allows for plenty of cake!











Black Tie:

For a black tie wedding, I love classic silhouettes. No need to go out and buy a new outfit, this is a great time to break out your favorite LBD.











White Tie:

An embellished dress in a subtle color is the perfect way to dress up for a white tie event without outshining the bride.

Outdoor, Semi-Formal, Black Tie, White Tie:  Don’t wear white.