Rock Your Girls Night Out

Grab your girls and hit the town this Valentine’s Day! Forget romance, it’s time to celebrate the people you love most: your friends of course! Follow these tips and your squad is sure to be the coolest around. You may have to break a few hearts, but you’re single and not ready to mingle.

Bold Makeup:

Try trendy glitter and dramatic eyeliner for a look that is fun to create an even more fun to wear.

Coordinate Outfits:

Lets face it. We’ve all wanted to be in a girl band. Give it a try, with coordinated outfits that scream, “Girl power!”

Take Fashion Risks:

Tonight’s the night to break out that statement piece you’ve been dying to wear. The bolder, the better.

Keep it Comfortable

Who knows what you and your girls will be up to! Go for an outfit that is ready for anything.