Pin a Brooch

On days when you dress in all monochromes and necklaces seem to be a repetitive accessory, it’s the brooches that come to the rescue.  The brooch is making a surprisingly chick comeback.  Brooches were seen all over the Spring 2015 runways.  New and unusual crop of brooches on your sweater, hats,  handbag and even hairdo will be slowly appearing.  To the modern woman, the word “brooch” conjures images of a grandmother.  Get ready!  This season, the brooch, appearing across the fall runways is ranging from  retro to typically demure. Both Chanel and Vera Wang had trendy pieces incorporate in spring collections.  “I liked the idea of adding a feminine touch to the very tailored jackets by creating floral brooches from silks reminiscent of a man’s necktie or handkerchief”, Mr.Armani said.

The interesting thing about brooches is their versatility.  You can make the brooch the entire focus of your ensemble. You can place large sterling-silver brooches squarely on the chests of austere suit jackets and sheath dresses as Tomas Maier did at Bottega Veneta.  You can neatly pin one to the breast of a blouse or jacket.  As a piece of jewelry it has limitless possibilities.   Today’s modern acceptance of the brooch comes in the form of both vintage and ultra chic designs.  Even men prefer a stick pin which adds a personal touch to a monotone look.  Everyone wants to make a memorable statements, and brooches are the perfect way to do that.   They can serve to be a subtle expression of your current mood or a reflection of your personality.  They can be simple and elegant, glamorous or inspiring.  There’s no limit. So, how do you pull off this legendary look and make it modern?

Here are a few quick ways to utilize a brooch:

  • Dress up a plain hat.  Attach the pin in the center a little up from the base around the band of the head
  • Pin a brooch at the collarbone of a neckline on  your favorite blouse
  • You can even attach the brooch to a long necklace, either a chain or pearls.

See more of our brooch collection here and start pinning!

Text by Maria DeSilva