A trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. Find out how!

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How to Style Ruffles

Ruffles are a huge trend for spring 2016. They ooze whimsical elegance while

making a bold statement.  However, this romantic trend can be a bit intimidating. Go

for simple silhouettes with a single ruffle accent and you’ll rock them like a street

style star.

Sleeves: Boho babe meets Queen Vitoria. Sleeves are an easy, understated way to give this trend a try.

















Hemline:  Soft, elegant, simple. Ruffle hemlines are perfect for the minimalist.












Necklines: Look for ruffle accents along the collarbone to create a glamorous statement.

















Keep it cool this Summer!

Temperatures might be rising, but your style doesn't need to drop.

As soon as the seasons change, the fear of what to wear and what not to are upon us.

Styling your clothing can be a little tricky, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just because you are planning your wardrobe for this season, does not mean you can’t work with your old ones in a fresh way. You just need to tweak them a little. 

So taking inspiration from the designer runways we have curated some fashion tips for you that might inspire what you'll be wearing this Summer.

Dare to Bare:

This summer show off your gorgeous shoulders with printed off-shoulder dresses. No matter the occasion, if you are dressed in a printed off-shoulder, you are sure to standout from the crowd. Use last season’s scarf to cover up your neck if you want to add a twist to your look.

Let Loose:

Hit the sweet spot between lounge wear and street-style cool with smock-print loose-fitting pants this summer. Team it up with a cropped t-shirt if you are chilling by the beach. This look gets an instant upgrade when you pair it with your denim jacket and hipster sandals.


Little White Dress:

LBDs are so yesterday, go for little white dresses this Summer. Guaranteed to be one of the most sought-after piece of clothing in your closet, this LWD will always give you a classic look. Add a professional polish to this by coordinating it with a blazer and high heels.


Orange is the New Black:

You might have shied away from Orange in the past, but embrace the bold color this season. If its your shopping day, then pair a simple rusted-Orange tee with ankle length blue demin, and pump up the look with slip-on sneakers. You can also add some sophistication to your look by pulling on that white jacket from your Winter collection on top of your bright orange top, blue jeans and nude sandals. 

Stripe Tease:

Some designs never go out of style and stripes are one of them. It doesn't matter how you wear it — horizontal, vertical or diagonal — you can make a statement as long as you have it from head to toe. 


Keep it short:

Say hello sunshine in denim shorts! Your old denim and floral printed shorts are still in vogue. Pair it with semi-sheer crop tops or simple crispy white tops and flip flops.


So what are you waiting for? Go nail the perfect summer look now!




April Showers

Translucent Raincoat

Translucent anoraks are an innovative way to show a little skin despite not so perfect weather. Throw one over a floral dress for a look that is flirty meets cool.









Graphic Umbrella

Stand out with bold umbrellas that are sure to make a statement that will brighten anyone’s rainy day.

















Wellie Chelsea Boots

A completely water resistant finish combined with the sleek and timeless look of Chelsea boots? These booties may be wellies for grownups, but they’re puddle splashing approved.











Wedding Guest-Best Dressed

It’s wedding season! That means countless wedding invites and countless wedding dress codes. How will you look flawless at each vastly different occasion? Don’t worry. We’ve got style advise from A casual outdoor wedding to a white tie.


 A brightly colored flowing maxi dress is perfect attire for weddings outside! Opt for a dress with slits to make dancing a breeze.












A loose fitting cocktail dress is great for a semi-formal wedding.  The statement necklace will add a special element, but the looseness keeps it classy and allows for plenty of cake!











Black Tie:

For a black tie wedding, I love classic silhouettes. No need to go out and buy a new outfit, this is a great time to break out your favorite LBD.











White Tie:

An embellished dress in a subtle color is the perfect way to dress up for a white tie event without outshining the bride.

Outdoor, Semi-Formal, Black Tie, White Tie:  Don’t wear white.