Je Suis Michael O'Neal

Occupation: Photographer & 
Creative Director
Instagram: @moneal

Where were you born?
Staten Island, New York.

Where do you live today?
I currently live in San Francisco 
with my wonderful and photogenic 
Australian Shepherd, Preston 
instagram: @prestopups. 
There's definitely something 
about this city with it's 
dramatic natural beauty within 

In one sentence what is unique 
about your work?
I think my history with art 
direction and design have 
greatly influenced my 
photographic style. 
Why do you do what you do?
I feel that I have to. Also to 
hopefully show people some 
beauty and challenge them to 
get out and explore.
What inspires you? 
Natural and timeless beauty of 
the American west, wildlife, 
music, narrative, design.
Describe your personal style.
As you can see in my picture, 
I stick to classic denim, five 
panel hats and Nikes!
Your ultimate must-have.
My Canon EOS-1D X! It's heavy 
but you never know what you'll 
need to capture.
What superpower would you have
and why? 
Time travel, there's just no 
other option. 
What is next for you?
I'm expanding MO Studio and 
building my team. It's pretty 
exciting and scary at the same 
time. I'm not thinking too much 
about long-term future, just 
trying to book clients and have 
some time for creativity along 
the way.