Je Suis Cate Cameron

Occupation: Photographer
Instagram: @catecam, @cameras4change

Where were you born?
Born in Alberta Canada, grew up in Calgary.Lived in London, Los Angeles and now in Vancouver, but splitting my time between there and Mexico.

In one sentence what is unique about your work? 
I have been told that my work is a blend of a classic journalistic feel with a strong modern sense. 

Why do you do what you do?
There are many reasons.I love my work and feel fortunate to be earning a living as a photographer.Besides the fact that I get to work as a creative in so many different places and situations, it is a very intimate and interesting job - looking through the lens at someone.I am interested in the complicity between the photographer, the camera and the subject.Ultimately I am drawn to people, their stories and to creating connection.

What inspires you? 
People and animals inspire me everyday, nature inspires me and puts me on track and keeps me grounded.

Describe your personal style.
Classic Utilitarian, normally clean lined, dark, or monocromatic seperates, lots of natural textiles. Because I work on a movie set, I want clothes that are non reflective (dark), and don't attract too much attention, soI have to wear alot of black, and grey.When I am working in Mexico or other places in field, I like to wear lighter, more colorful clothes.Its a good balance.

Your ultimate must-have.
A great bag, always on the search for the perfect one, saddle leather, utilitarian, classic and clean design, comfy over the shoulder and hopefully holds a camera.For more hard core gear carrying, I am using the patagonia blackhole, it is very waterproof, holds my computer and a camera too, as well as a surprising amount of clothing if necessary, yet it is a manageble size and looks good!

What superpower would you have and why?
to still age but with less physical restraints, would love it if I did not need to wear glasses!

What is next for you?
I have an upcoming exhibit called "The Flowers are Talking" in Vancouver on April 7 2016, I am excited to share this body of work on the Huichol in Jalisco.I am also enjoying creating community development programs for my nonprofit Cameras4Change as well as other collaborators. I am currently in the post editing stage working on a documentary about the capacity for photography to assist people in empowering themselves, and I am patiently waiting to go back to the Huichol communities I worked in and spend some more time, this is my most passionate personal work.