Je Suis Angie Silvy

Occupation: Photographer and owner of Sterling Silvy
Instagram: @angiesilvy@sterlingsilvy

Where were you born?
Sydney, Australia

Where do you live now?
Based in San Francisco & work in LA

In one sentence what is unique about your work?
Elementary Modern and uncomplicated

Why do you do what you do?
I love taking photos and what seeing things differently than most people.

What inspires you?
I get lots of inspiration from my Traveling, creative people and generally when I am in my own space

Describe your personal style:
casual chic, a blend of Sydney and California

Your ultimate must-have:
Sunglasses!!! good denim, a great day bag, and fun sneakers

What superpower would you have and why?
To see the forecast the new trends on social media and be the first to use them.
What is next for you?
next - I am still working on Sterling silvy and our clients and have to travel content for stories coming up now till the end of the year.